The bonus section showcases content that for one reason or another doesn't belong in the any of the galleries. This could mean proof of concept studies from my research or something I found in my morgue or possibly even details from finished art so you can see how it was before being mangled by JPEG compression at 72dpi... This section will not be archived, it is only here until it gets replaced by an update. Some commentary will follow the featured piece, but I will not call out image area or media unless I feel it is warranted

When I do a cyberpunk piece or even a contemporary piece, if possible I like to add neon lights and let the background slip softly out of focus. There is a term for all those twinkling lights, in Japan they call it bokeh, because they think it looks like a bouquet of flowers. Japanese have deeply poetic souls...

So here are my studies for what I call the bright lights, big city look. These are all variants on said theme

This type of effect is called a tilt shift, and is often paired with bokeh

This is a standard bokeh effect, and would pair nicely with a sharply focused foreground element

Here is a midrange bokeh effect, still pretty strong

Either this is some serious bokeh, or you need stop drinking tonight...