The bonus section showcases content that for one reason or another doesn't belong in the any of the galleries. This could mean proof of concept studies from my research or something I found in my mourge or possibly even details from finished art. This section will not be archived, it is only here until it gets replaced by an update. Some commentary will follow the featured piece, but I will not call out image area or media unless I feel it is warranted

I've always enjoyed the look and feel of flipbook animation. Many were the paperbacks defaced into animation by making the little doodles in the margins spring to life, only to die seconds later... and now I can do it again, only on a scale undreamed of, with an impossible level of detail completed in less time than it took to scribble on so many corners. That stuttering quality of motion really captures the hand drawn vibe
This one really captures the style of flipbook animation. To get this sort of result, seems like a strength of 0.5 is a good baseline, increment for fidelity and decrement for artistry (righty=tighty, lefty=loosey)
clearly this represents the limit of my technique, to push it any further would invite impressionism. but now I have a range, which allows me to take an engineering approach; which I will use to your advantge. please look forward to it...