Halloween Special II

Eater of Flesh

Original size 9x9 2010 Alex Ledante

Sooner or later, every serious artist needs to bite the bullet and do at least one zombie piece. My number finally came up so here is my entry into the zombie hall o' fame...

Another thing that separates the amateurs from the professionals is drawing from life. The next level up is drawing from death. Unlike cubists and those other so-called modern artists; I've done my time in the trenches and have a sketchbook full of autopsy studies to prove it. Also, I can no longer watch anyone carve a turkey without smelling formaldehyde and suppressing a gag reflex. Suffice it to say that I haven't celebrated Thanksgiving since college...

The point being that I've seen over a dozen corpses and I know what decay looks like. Anyone who deals with it for a living will concede that my depiction is medically accurate, stipulating that mystically reanimated bodies cannot be held to strict textbook definitions

If you've never seen an actual cadaver, then you have no clue what the morticians go through for an open casket funeral. Plus they have to mask the stench and let me tell you, it is foul. My sense of smell is lousy and I could barely keep my lunch. But if you really want to learn anatomy then you need to be committed