A Bridge is Not a High Place

Original size 11x10 2007 Alex Ledante

This piece is meant to read on a somewhat more psychological level than most of my others; the composition was intended to make the girl seem isolated and vulnerable. The background was deliberately chosen for impact and to dominate the figure, once again to evoke a sense of vulnerability through scale. I also intended the industrial materials would contrast her humanity and frailty. The choice of bolts that are larger than her head and the forced perspective should indicate how small and insignificant she is in the modern world

Contrasting her warm palette with a cold background color scheme demonstrates her warmth and empathy. Her size and wistful expression show that she is not intimidated by her environment (symbolizing the world) and is secure in her own identity even though she may not be entirely satisfied with her place in the world

This concludes my analysis of the work, but that by no means exhausts the symbolism that I put into it. As previously stated, I took more of a fine art approach to this piece so it should continue to reveal further levels of meaning under closer scrutiny. Conversely, it should be able to stand on its own simply as an illustration