Father Alberto Cuervo

Original size 9.5*8 © 2010 Alex Ledante

The actual title of this piece is "Padre Alberto Cuervo en la Misión del Santa Teórica" being a portrait of that infamous priest who was burned alive inside his mission in 1883. Denounced by his bishop as a heretic who trafficked with infernal forces, he was and remains adored by the locals of San Salvador who claim to sight this enigmatic figure performing miracles over a century after his death

Long suspected of being a Rosicrucian, Father Cuervo was rumored to be the custodian of Moantanhae (the actual rosy cross, believed to have been the treasure of the Knights Templar) and was supposedly both a prophet and a thaumaturge. While any number of miracles were attributed to Alberto, he is largely remembered for the resurrection of his alleged lover

It was this act which finally brought the wrath of the Vatican down on him. Upon being warned of his impeding death, Father Alberto Cuervo ironically replied "El bezo de la muerte es el más dulce de todos, aunque nunca sabré su sabor hasta que la Cruz florezca de nuevo…"

Even though the mission was burned to the foundation and then covered with salt, wild roses continue to grow over the site where the altar supposedly rested. One thing is certain, these roses resist all known pesticides and return with unexplained swiftness each time they are destroyed