Original size 10x11 2010 Alex Ledante

This picture showcases my new technique for cover grade artwork. Tight enough to look professional without immediately betraying that it was created digitally, which felt like a nice balance. As this was a proof of concept piece, a generic fantasy approach seemed warranted so I went with the scantily clad sword swinging barbarian babe

While this particular image was created specifically for a magazine cover, it should work just as well in the format of a DVD or CD cover, even on a video game box. A bit of cropping and text can go a long way, as you will see. But first, a word on armor class...

There are those who would cry "She has next to nothing for armor, this is a joke!" to which I must respond "Would you prefer to see her in full plate armor?" As this is a fantasy illustration, there are some conventions to follow: I certainly have no issues to adhering to them. Now some geeks are gonna want to get technical about AC so allow me to call out her armor as follows: Bronze embossed cast iron bikini top, leather bikini bottom, plate arm (also greaves, not depicted) boiled leather and studded cestus, shield/punch dagger combo

Which some might still feel remains an inadequate armor class, but only because they forgot to factor in that her ring and runesword are both magic items which confer a large bonus to her AC, much higher than your cheese-eating paladin in his full plate so take a back seat

Regardless, it could make an impressive cover