The Innsmouth Look

Original size 11x5.5 2006 Alex Ledante

A longtime fan of HPL, it was inevitable that someday I'd do a Deep One. Technically, I have a study for a sexy Deep One in my traditional gallery but this one is definitely more Lovecraftian. I spent more time on this than I should've (one a week, that's the plan) but I decided not to rush it and I'm glad I followed my instincts

This one took a while to shape up; I have pages of thumbnails and rough sketches which may one day make it to the bonus section. I kept wanting to have him in a summoning circle which was causing all sorts of problems before I remembered to keep it simple. Love the perspective on this piece! It really adds to the overall menacing vibe

Although the original sketch had the subject in a navy surplus coat, anyone who knows me will recognize that he is wearing my Fimbulsvettir. I had intended to scan it and actually use it as texture but I ended up doing it by hand and I am really pleased with the results. Admittedly, it brings a more painterly feeling to the piece than most of my work generally has, but I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing and it certainly doesn't detract from the rest of the work so I am contemplating going back to the basics and using less found texture in favor of creating my own textures the old fashioned way- on the Wacom tablet

Ironically, when it comes to raytracing I am tending to prefer found texture to procedural texture these days... Guess I must be in a sassy mood lately. Remastered the background to include less raytraced elements and more technique. I hope you like it