Oni Gorishi

Original size 8.5x11 2018 Alex Ledante

This piece is a tribute to the fine tradition of anime films about the students who routinely save the world from the dark forces which plague Tokyo. The title translates loosely into English as "Demon Slayer" but why a Japanese schoolgirl is inevitably selected for this task is beyond me. In an attempt to reconcile the standard, I've provided her with a wakasashi (the short sword) as opposed to the expected katana

That having been said, this solution brings rich warms to the work which really break the paradigm. Generally, the rule is to have a cool background and a warm foreground to push it foreword (once again, lots of physics that would most likely bore you to tears) but I actually put the cool values in front and kept the warm tones in the background

Yet another attempt to play with atmospheric perspective, you tell me if I got away with it. For my next piece, another Japanese schoolgirl with a sword; please look forward to it...

If you'd like to see the evolution of this piece, there is a short film describing the process below