Schöne Landsknechtin

Original size 8.5x11 © 2017 Alex Ledante

The landsknecht were freelance knights from Prussia who effected a wildly colorful and asymmetrical style of dress, so our pretty little friend here is dressed quite conservatively. She looks like a character from the Hawkmoon series

I’ve mentioned before that the landsknecht used polearms and zweihanders. This lovely landsknecht has a partizan, which is my favorite type of polearm…

Don't let the other polearms know I have a favorite. Keep scrolling down for a bonus image

Original size 8.5x11 © 2017 Alex Ledante

While I usually save omake for the bonus section, this headshot was just to nice not to include here. And before I forget to tell you, the title of this baroque looking piece was translated by the talented Amy Balot