the Secret of Blackthorn Grove

Original size 8.5x11 2015 Alex Ledante

While elves are most often portrayed as an advanced and enlightened race, any civilization can fall victim to tragedy (either from internal or external forces) and elves are no exception... So in this scenario, the elves have reverted to a feral state. Now they are superstitious and violent, and will attack anyone foolish enough to try and enter their fallen cities since they believe another apocalypse will ensue should that ever happen (and who knows, they might even be right)

But if the elves have become savage, those blades are way above her apparent tech level. We must assume they are heirlooms from an age of forgotten glory. Evidentially their taboo against the old ways doesn't extend to weaponry. So either practicality wins out against superstition or they've elected to fight poison with poison

If you'd like to see the evolution of this piece, there is a short film describing the process below