Original size 8.5x11 2016 Alex Ledante

featuring Masamune Hiroko, the hard boiled protagonist of Why I Hate Megatokyo. When the suffix -ji is appended to the end of a number in Japanese, it is read as o'clock; thus kyu-ji would be nine o'clock. So the title of this piece translates literally as beer o'clock, signifying that Hirko's shift is over and she plans to continue drinking herself to death in an ineffective attempt to cope with the horrors of serving in the AD Police force of Megatokyo

You'll be hearing more of her tragic tale later on, this work is to commemorate her heroic defeat of the Space Invaders who captured this very site on 04.01.2016

Even though that date makes it sound so futuristic, when I go out to buy beer it still looks pretty much like the 80's. Automated check-stands can't be the best the future has to offer! Where the hell is the moon base is was promised in my childhood?