Cast A Deadly Spell

Original size 8.5x11 2016 Alex Ledante

Even though I don't appreciate qualities like arrogance and overconfidence in real people, I am attracted to drawing characters with these vices. I suppose that cocky is fine as long as I don't have to deal with it on a daily basis. At any rate, this fellow certainly doesn't suffer from false modesty. Indeed, he seems to hold his opponents in such low regard that he only needs one hand to fight them

In this scenario, Jordan has a premonition that something wicked his way comes... He senses dark forces gathering and instead of planning a road trip to Vegas for the weekend like I would, he seeks out the danger. Jordan finally discovers them in a room above an abandoned convenience store, kicks open the door and sees that there are only five of them and they have not yet completed their summoning. The virgin remains unsacrificed, so he has plenty of time to deal with them since he has no intention of letting the ceremony continue. At this point, our protagonist thinks "Oh, I thought I was going to have to fight a great old one or something... Yeah, I have my elder sign but I don't need it for these punks. Hell, I don't even need both hands for this..."

The guy has no backup, but has no problem taking on five sorcerers who may not even be mortal. Indeed, he holds them in such contempt that he doesn't even try his best against them. On the other hand, his arrogance might be justified; the boy seems potent enough to take out everyone in the room. Jordan will most likely try and talk the would-be sacrifice out of her virginity afterward. Just because you only use your powers for good doesn't automatically make you a good person, it simply means you aren't abusing your powers