True Love

Mixed Media. Original size 22x30 1997 Alex Ledante

Back when I was in college, most of my work was mixed media. This piece is fairly indicative of the look and feel I was cultivating at the time. Constantly honing my foundation skills, I took figure drawing every chance I could. One of the assignments was always to illustrate true love. Since I'd already done that assignment many times, I asked for some latitude on the definition, to depict my buddy and his love for his car

Then, for some reason that now eludes me, I set the piece in a parallel universe inhabited by our evil twins. Except that the alternate Alex still doesn't know how to work on cars... Doesn't seem prudent to let any of my incarnations calibrate a flux capacitor without diagnostic software anyway

At any rate, if you've been through my contemporary galleries and wondered what all the texture overlays were about, this is where it all began. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle...