The Fall of Laocoon

Watercolor, graphite, oil and colored pencil on paper

Original size 11x17 2003 Alex Ledante

Not unlike most Greek dramas, the Iliad was full of tragedy. Most tragic, I thought, was the fall of Laocoon. Even as a child, I was attracted to the Laocoon Group, which is one of the best sculptures ever done, IMHO. However, I still find the resigned feeling of the original work quite offensive. Why did the gods see fit to also kill his sons?

The whole "Sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons" deal never sat well with me...

In a worthless attempt at recompense, I've tried to give him a bit more dignity as he is slain. Fatally poisoned, he struggles against his unjust fate until the bitter end. We can all learn from his example, not only to "Fear the Greeks, even when they bring gifts" but also to "Tell the truth, then run" as well!