Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is your site called Afraid of Sunlight?

I like to work at night; not just because my monitors are calibrated for pitch black and that I can work for hours on end without interruptions but mostly because I am nocturnal by nature. I feel naked without my raybans. The SPF I need to avoid sunburn is a sweater. Also, it is the name of an album by my favorite band

Are you availabe for hire?

Yes, you may commission my work or simply purchase the reproductive rights to any finished piece. Either way, we'll need to talk about it first

May I use your work for free?

That depends, but never without my permission

Why does your art look so dark?

It should be visible on any properly calibrated monitor but for optimal viewing, surf my site at night, in the dark with the lights off. Burn some incense and play some mood music nice and loud. Have a drink or two, relax and spend some time with the art. You don't have to exhaust the site in one sitting...

What do you mean when you call something omake?

Omake is a Japanese word that means extra. It generally indicates supplementary material that was needed to complete a work in progress, an alternative direction which was scrapped in favor of the final solution, a chibi version of the finished work, or unrelated work by the same artist. Defined here in the order it is most likely to appear in this bonus section...

Fine, now what does Chibi mean?

What's the matter with you? Don't you know how to use the Wikipedia? Chibi is one of the Japanese words for small, but in this instance it refers to a style which uses large heads and eyes with atrophied bodies and limbs. It is considered cute and is often utilized in supplementary (or omake) sections of manga

While often held in low regard by western artists, I believe that chibi is a perfectly valid form. It requires an economy of line and form which is perfectly capable of expressing an idea quite elegantly...