Any chain is only as strong as the weakest link...

Some of my online resources


experiments, omake and alternate versions of my work. content updates biweekly

home to the Miskatonic University Archives project

Auctions on eBay

new auctions every week. Giclee & ACEO prints for sale

My twitter feed

keeping you up to date on any auctions, art shows or new content for this site

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content updates daily. random offerings; anything from finished work to WIPs, experiments and studies. MU content at least monthly

The Darker Side of Passion

rarely updates anymore but stop by now and again if you feel like it


no longer updates due to instagram's anti-browser policy, but there's still a grip of content


pruned to the bare essentials

Alchemilla Hospital

Dedicated to supporting the needs of Silent Hill expatriates everywhere

Leisure Town

Too damn cool. Don't forget to stop by the store

Kunst kamraden- Chain yourself to alx, you know you wanna...

otherwise, isn't there more left for you to see?